New Team, New Challenges

Since the beginning of this year I have moved to a new team at work. In my previous team, while we did have new services (back-end servers) to create, we were more or less in maintenance mode.  That is, we get to fix bugs on the existing infrastructure and make incremental improvements, adding new features too (and new bugs) from time to time.

In my new team, however, it's very different. We're creating completely new product, and so we have take care of things that developers in maintenance mode don't even get to think of.  We have to interact with operations teams to prepare new hardware, new databases, new network setups, new code repositories, etc.

As it is a new product, we also have lesser inputs from marketing and product definition teams, thus, we have more freedom in implementing our vision for this product.  I find this really exciting and empowering.

I can't say much for now (as it's a bit hush-hush), but anyway, this should be a very interesting year!


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