Living in Manila

It's great to be home with family and friends. More so when you're doing it during the Christmas holidays in the Philippines -- officially the world's longest.

I left Nice earlier this month to spend a bit more than a month in the Philippines. Since my wife now works in the country's financial capital city of Makati, we've decided to stay put in the Metro Manila area. It would've been more fun back in my hometown in Iligan, but the thought of having my first Christmas in the Philippine capital is actually a bit exciting.

For all the heavy traffic, the sea of people (at least 12 million people live in the National Capital Region), the pollution (noise, smoke, dust, you name it), you can't help but love Manila (unless all you want to do is jog or do a marathon -- because, really, you'd have to be a bit suicidal to run right next to Manila's roads). Manila is a city that NEVER sleeps. It's got almost everything an average guy like me could want -- provided you have money, of course. The ubiquitous shopping malls -- THE MALLS!!! I know, I know, it's unbridled capitalism but I sometimes wish they have a lot of those in France. They just make shopping so convenient.

I've never really liked the thought of living in Manila (or any capital city for that matter) but now that I've tried it, I am actually surprised to realize that it's not so bad after all!

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