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Getting Started on Running

I've been running on and off since last Summer (around June 2009), largely because I was alarmed that I was gaining too much weight and I felt rather heavy.  After a few months of walks and occasionally intense runs, I've managed to regain my body's flexibility and agility, and I was able to develop a bit of endurance.  The gains were actually very modest but I was very happy with the realization that I can actually do something about improving my well-being.

Then the holidays came and I took a 5-week vacation in the Philippines.  While I was there, I tried to avoid the overly-convenient public transportation, opting instead to walk/run several blocks in the city.  The hot weather took a bit of adjustment but it's the pollution and lack of safe running areas that made me realize how difficult it is to enjoy running in the country.  So, I realized that while I'm still living in Nice I should take advantage of the relatively low levels of air pollution and the length…

Welcoming the New Year 2010

I'm savoring the last few days of my month-long vacation.  I'll be back in France next week and I'm spending the few remaining days with my family in the best way I can.

Overall, it's been a good vacation.  It's not easy reinserting yourself into the daily lives of your wife and kids with whom you only interact over the internet for most of the year.  But (thanks also to our frequent interactions online) we seem to have meshed well and rather quickly, as if we live in the same house together all year round.  I really hope we'll still stay as close to each other in the coming months, when we're half a world apart.

Last year, 2009, for my family was, in a way, a year of settling down.  This year, 2010, will be another year of change.  After all, this is the year of the metallic tiger, and the beast is on the prowl.  Time to shake things up.

So, my goals for this year?  Personally, I'd like to lose a lot of weight.  Professionally, I'd like to see larg…