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Showing posts from April, 2009

Gotcha 8x8!

I finally solved a 8x8 puzzle!!! Woohooo!!!
I opened it at the NY Times Kenken page last night before I went to sleep and decided to really have a crack at it this morning.  About an hour's hard work finally paid off and, boy, ain't it sweet!
Here are some snapshots I took -- precautionary measures, in case I accidentally close the browser, hahaha...

One Year of Chocolate!

I have just received this email ad from the French supermarket chain Casino.  For some reason yet unknown to me, the French seem to promote chocolates for Easter (Pâques) -- perhaps to help them get through the Lenten season.
The other thing that got my attention is the promo game that says "1 an de chocolat à gagner!"  One year's worth of cholocate to win!  Hmm... I wonder what kind of game it is.