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Les enfants de la liberté

I have just finished reading the novel "Les enfants de la liberté" (translation: Children of Freedom) by French author Marc Lévy.  It's based on a true story of a group of immigrants who fought against the Nazi occupation of France and the equally brutal French collaborators.  They were called the 35ème Brigade Marcel Langer F.T.P.-M.O.I. and they were among the earliest of the French Resistance partisan units.

This is the second French novel that I've read.  Due to my limited vocabulary, I didn't understand many of the words, sometimes even whole sentences.  But where I understood the words, this book never failed to fill me with emotions so terrible I could barely hold back tears.  I bought this book so I have something to do while on the bus to work and back.  So one can imagine my predicament while reading this book.

Here are some interesting quotes:

* On est tous l'étranger de quelqu'un.

* En faisant allégeance à l'Allemagne nazie, le maréchal Pétain entraînait la France dans une des périodes les plus sombres de son histoire.  La république fut abolie au profit de ce que l'on appellerait dorénavant l'État français.

* Que leurs voisins souffrent, tant que la peine ne pénètre pas chez eux, ils [la plupart des hommes] préfèrent ne rien voir; faire comme si les mauvaises choses n'existaient pas.  C'est ne pas toujours de la lâcheté.  Pour certains, vivre demande déjà beaucoup de courage.

* Ils reste des bastilles à prendre.

* Tu leur apprendras que rien ne compte plus sur cette terre que cette putain de liberté capable de se soumettre au plus offrant.  Tu leur diras aussi que cette grande salope aime l'amour des hommes, et que toujours elle échappera à ceux qui veulent l'emprisonner, qu'elle ira toujours donner la victoire à celui qui la respecte sans jamais espérer la garder dans son lit.


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Oh! Kinabuhi (Oh, Life!)

I've just seen that video of famous boxer Manny Pacquiao singing a sort of medley of Visayan songs so I thought I'd post the lyrics and translation of one of them here. This song is called "Oh! Kinabuhi" by Filipino singer Victor Wood.

Oh! Kinabuhi
Victor Wood

Inig sidlak sa adlaw sa sayo sa kabuntagon
Masud-ong ta ang katahoman ning kalibutan
Gidayandayan sa nahigmata nga kalanggaman
Nga nanag-awit ning kabukiran

Ug mopadulong sa pagsalop sa kahapunon
Ug sa dughan nga walay naglaylay
Sa kasing-kasing nga way nagsapnay
Sama kanako nga sinalikway ay magamahay


Oh kinabuhi sama ka sa usa ka gapnod
Nga gianod-anod sa bul-og ning mga luha
Way kinutoban way hunong ang iyang guidulngan
Ayayay-ayayay nganong sakiton man.
Here's the English translation:

Oh Life!
by Victor Wood
(translated by Allister Sanchez)

When the sun shines early in the morning
We'll see the beauty of this world
Adorned by the awoken birds
That sing in these mountains

And it heads to set i…

Juan Luis Guerra: Mi Bendición (Guitar Chords and Lyrics)

I discovered the Latin singer Juan Luis Guerra yesterday on Spotify and I fell in love with one of his songs "Mi Bendición". I couldn't find the guitar chords online so I decided to pick up my old guitar and write them down myself.  Here goes...

Mi Bendición Juan Luis Guerra
 C             Dm7        Em7      FM7 Dicen que las flores no dejaban de cantar    Dm7        G7sus4   G7 tu nombre, tu nombre cariño C            Dm7          Em7         FM7 Que las olas de los mares te hicieron un chal      Dm7      E7sus4  E7 de espuma, de nubes y lirios
Am        Am/G     Am/F# Y la luna no se convenció   D7                 D7sus4-D7 Y bajo a mirarte el corazón   C          Dm7           Em7       FM7 Y al mirarte dijo que no había visto un sol     Dm7       E7sus4    E7     FM7 radiante, mas bello que mi bendición
   G        Em7     C7sus4    C7      FM7 Tenerte, besarte, andar de la mano contigo      G       Em7     C7sus4      C7        FM7 Mi cielo, mirarte, decirte un te quiero al oído …


I'm so happy with myself today. Why? Well, simply because after months of preparation I finally finished my first 10km running race!

It all started when my former team leader at work gave me a copy of Jogging International, a French-language magazine on running, early last year. It was a special edition on marathons, with various articles from training programs to diet and foot injuries. I don't know why exactly, but it spurred my interest in running. I actually had tried to run before that but holding that magazine in my hand made me more determined to really finish a marathon.

However, by summer (around June 2010) I realized that I was too heavy. A very slow run or even a brisk walk was enough to raise my heart rate to very high levels. So I started looking around for ways to lose weight.

An online friend introduced me to the P90X training program. This program was extremely difficult for me and it took me weeks to finally decide to commit to this program. I had to try some …