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Relearning C++

There's quite a lot of developments in the C++ programming language in recent years, first with the long-awaited C++11, and just this week, the new (surprisingly on-time) C++14.  The language has changed quite considerably that it's safe to say, "It's not your grandma's C++ (or C, for that matter)!"

So, I think I'll have to devote some time from now on to learn about new C++ paradigms.  I'll be posting about them as I go along.
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New Team, New Challenges

Since the beginning of this year I have moved to a new team at work. In my previous team, while we did have new services (back-end servers) to create, we were more or less in maintenance mode.  That is, we get to fix bugs on the existing infrastructure and make incremental improvements, adding new features too (and new bugs) from time to time.

In my new team, however, it's very different. We're creating completely new product, and so we have take care of things that developers in maintenance mode don't even get to think of.  We have to interact with operations teams to prepare new hardware, new databases, new network setups, new code repositories, etc.

As it is a new product, we also have lesser inputs from marketing and product definition teams, thus, we have more freedom in implementing our vision for this product.  I find this really exciting and empowering.

I can't say much for now (as it's a bit hush-hush), but anyway, this should be a very interesting year!

Here comes the Pi!

So... Shortly before Christmas, my wife decided to give me a fruity gift. Yeahhhhh... Raspberry Pi!

It should arrive at the end of the year. Yep, the 31st of December 2012.  What a way to start the new year!

I'll start posting on my Raspberry Pi adventures next year.

Raspberry Pi

This is awesome! What am I talking about?  Raspberry Pi, an ultra-low-cost computer, about the size of a calling card, that you can buy at only 25USD!  And as if that's not awesome enough, they say that the production model is going to be a lot smaller. For now, it runs with Fedora Linux as its operating system, but we can imagine there'll be other OSes soon too.

So... What can I say? Hats off to the ones who developed this tiny pack of awesomeness.  Here's a video of a fully working model.


It's been a while since my last post on this blog and I felt kinda sad about it.  I still don't have much to post, although that doesn't mean that there isn't much going on in my life right now -- quite the contrary!

Anyway, the reason I'm blogging again (and hopefully it'll be more frequent) is because I heard Yael Naim's song, Paris. Actually, I've heard it for some time now but I didn't know the lyrics. A Google search today finally gave me something (from a web forum) that's understandable and readable (not just Hebrew characters).  So here it is, Yael Naim's Paris with lyrics:

by Yael Naim

Barachti lemakom acher kol kach maher hachi rachok sherak hitslachti veani bepariz
Haorot dolkim afor veananim ani smecha vetov li aval kol kach kar li bepariz
Mistovevet schor uschor besimtaot ksumot mechushafot bol’ot oti ani bepariz
Binyanim yafim atem zkenim veatsilim kol kach aval haim techamemu oti bepariz

Hmmm... Loin de ma maison à Paris


I'm so happy with myself today. Why? Well, simply because after months of preparation I finally finished my first 10km running race!

It all started when my former team leader at work gave me a copy of Jogging International, a French-language magazine on running, early last year. It was a special edition on marathons, with various articles from training programs to diet and foot injuries. I don't know why exactly, but it spurred my interest in running. I actually had tried to run before that but holding that magazine in my hand made me more determined to really finish a marathon.

However, by summer (around June 2010) I realized that I was too heavy. A very slow run or even a brisk walk was enough to raise my heart rate to very high levels. So I started looking around for ways to lose weight.

An online friend introduced me to the P90X training program. This program was extremely difficult for me and it took me weeks to finally decide to commit to this program. I had to try some …

Finally, a new C++ standard!

Earlier today, the ISO Working Group on the C++ programming language has approved the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) for C++. The final ISO approval is expected to be in August 2011. So we can definitely call it C++2011.

As a C++ application developer, this is good news for me. There'll be lots of new things to learn about the language and better ways to write C++ code.

Thanks to the C++ Standards Committee!